Bus Info

Eligibility: Students are eligible for transport assistance if they meet all three criteria below.

Daily Bus List:- Chrissy Ramage is the bus controller and is responsible for checking the bus lists are correct each day. For safety reasons it is important that you notify the school office if your child is not going home on the bus. This will ensure that all students are accounted for.

Transport Code of Conduct:- All students on our bus list are asked to read and sign a Transport Code of Conduct at the beginning of each year. This outlines expected behaviour. The principal will investigate any reports of poor behaviour and parents may be approached to help correct the issue if needed. 

Irregular passengers:- Students who are not entitled to use the bus, must make arrangements with our operator, Go Bus, if they wish to use the school bus service.

Click on the name of each bus route to find out where the pick up and drop off stops are along each route.

Bus Code of Conduct

Bus Transport Code of Conduct.pdf