Learning at Clyde

Akoranga mo ake ake: Learning for Life

Clyde School's strengths are the integrated, school wide programmes and a shared staff understanding of our expectations for effective teaching and learning. Teachers strive to provide well balanced learning programmes, where critical thinking, cooperative learning strategies and digital literacies are an integral part of their approach.

We provide specific programmes for at risk students and for our more able students and Clyde School strongly supports the inclusion of students with special needs. There are programmes in place for individuals and groups with additional needs and their progress is carefully monitored and reported to parents and the board. Staff are given regular opportunities to develop their professional learning on inclusive practices and differentiated curriculum provision based on the educational framework of Universal Design For Learning.

Junior Syndicate - NE - Year 3

Year groups are spread across two syndicates and all classrooms take their names from New Zealand Native birds. The Junior Syndicate is made up of composite year levels across 3 classrooms. Kaiako/teachers strive to develop strong, caring relationships with Ako and Whānau. Learning environments and opportunities reflect the interests, needs and strengths of the learners within them. Teachers support learners to begin to build awareness of and take responsibility for their emotional, developmental and academic growth. These are the first steps in our Ako journey of becoming a self-regulated and lifelong learner. Megan Tyrrell-Ryder is the Junior Syndicate leader and can be contacted via email.

Senior Syndicate - Year 4 - 8

Our Senior Syndicate consists of 4 classes consisting of composite year levels. In 2023 we have Pīwakawak year 4, Kārearea years 5/6, Kiwi years 6/7, and Ruru years 7/8. Teachers in this syndicate are dedicated to developing independent learning skills in each child through a range of strategies in each curriculum area. We recognise the individual strengths and interests of each student and teacher and use this to create learning programmes that will build on these and challenge them in many ways. Each student is provided with or brings their own digital device and this is used as one of the many tools to enhance their learning. Barb Lambeth is our Senior Syndicate Leader and can be contacted via email.

Seesaw Learning Journal

Our junior and middle school students share their learning with their whānau via the Seesaw learning platform. This is an online learning journal that provides you with a "window" into the classroom. Children share their learning in a variety of ways;- through photos, recordings, videos etc.

We encourage you to visit your child's Seesaw account regularly and celebrate their learning by leaving a comment or a recorded message for your child.

Teachers also use this learning platform to share important information, photos, links and messages, so it is important that you login regularly to keep yourself updated with what's happening at school.

Instructions on how to access your child's learning journal are sent home at the beginning of each year. Each Seesaw class is private and only accessible via you personal access code.

Learning Zones

Our Senior students have an online learning zone which supports them to become self-regulated learners.

When students are not engaged in whole class instruction or small group workshops they self-manage their independent learning time, engaging with learning material that has been posted on their learning zone.

'Rewindable' or 'flipped' learning is a key feature of our senior programmes. Pre-recorded lessons, instructions and examples are uploaded to the learning zones and are available for students to access whenever they choose.